Frequently Asked Questions

Most people seek help to get rid of the pain, but the pain is usually only part of the problem. Pain tends to be a warning that something is not working correctly.

Stresses and strains on life can result in structural changes to the body. When these are too great or continuous, problems can start. Our bodies are at there most vulnerable when they are under emotional stress, receiving poor nutrition, or both. The nervous system gets triggered, muscles contract, and after a period, joints lock. These locked joints simulate more muscle contraction, causing more joint locking and misalignment, and pain. In addition, an inflammatory response may occur which adds swelling and more pain.

Yes, Chiropractic can work well especially with lower back pain and neck pain. Visit the Conditions page to see what may be treated. If you are not sure if chiropractic is for you, arrange for a free consultation.

Your body has great ability to repair and heal, but sometimes it needs a little help to function better. Chiropractors are able to release locking joints, reduce muscle tension and correct any misalignment in the body. As your body starts to function better, the pain, stiffness and any inflammation may subside.

This is a very difficult question to answer until you have had your examination. It is also somewhat determined by what you want from the treatment. Your general health, your age, and the length of time you have had a problem will influence treatment numbers.

Chiro Relief prides itself on being able to get results quickly, with relatively few treatments. We allow at least one hour with the Chiropractor on your initial examination/treatment, and thirty minutes on each treatment visit. This allows enough time for lifestyle advice, exercise programs and any patient concerns to be discussed, as well as a quality comprehensive treatment to be carried out. This is why most of our patients come to us through being referred from a family member or a friend.

After your chiropractic treatment you may get some soreness, mild bruising and other minor side effects which your chiropractor will explain to you before your treatment begins. However, serious complications are rare and if any may be relevant to you they will be explained to you on the report of findings.

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