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Chiropractor in Birmingham - Chiro Relief

The Back and Neck Pain Clinic

Chiro Relief is a chiropractic clinic located in Edgbaston, Birmingham. We specialise in the diagnosis and treatment of back and neck complaints, using effective chiropractic treatments for both conditions.

At Chiro Relief we strive to get rid of your back pain and neck pain quickly with effective treatments all carried out by an experienced chiropractor. Additionally your chiropractor will provide you with advice on preventing re-occurrence through lifestyle change, posture advice and exercise. Collectively this then can help reduce the treatment visits need to get you fit again and therefore reduce the cost to you.

Robert Swindells is the principle chiropractor within the building which also host the experience of leading physiotherapists, neurologists and an orthopaedic consultants. We all are dedicated health professionals and strive to make the building a centre of clinical excellence. We believe this is why so many of our patients are recommended to us. With fifteen years of clinical experience, Robert has been recommended to the 2012 Jamaican Olympic Athletics Team.

However, most patients at Chiro Relief are not athletes, but members of the general public. So if you are suffering from back_pain, or neck_pain, or a related condition, and are looking for a local chiropractor, call us today.

Robert Swindells: chiropractor

Tel.0121 448 9539

Chiro Relief

43 George Road



B15 1PL

Health Insurance Recognized

BCA registered

GCC registered